pki -pkcs7(1) Provides PKCS#7 wrap/unwrap functions


--sign|--verify|--encrypt|--decrypt|--show [ --in file ] [ --cert file ] [ --key file ] [ --debug level ] --options~file -h | --help


This sub-command of pki(1) provides functions to wrap/unwrap PKCS#7 containers.


-h, --help
Print usage information with a summary of the available options.
-v, --debug level
Set debug level, default: 1.
-+, --options file
Read command line options from file.
-s, --sign
Create PKCS#7 signed-data.
-u, --verify
Verify PKCS#7 signed-data.
-e, --encrypt
Create PKCS#7 enveloped-data.
-e, --decrypt
Decrypt PKCS#7 enveloped-data.
-p, --show
Show information about PKCS#7 container, list certificates.
-i, --in file
PKCS#7 input file. If not given the input is read from STDIN.
-k, --key file
Private key used for --sign and --decrypt.
-c, --cert file
Certificate for --sign, --verify and --encrypt. Can be used multiple times.