pki -print(1) Print a credential (key, certificate etc.) in human readable form


[ --in file ] [ --type type ] [ --debug level ] --options~file -h | --help


This sub-command of pki(1) prints credentials (keys, certificates etc.) in human readable form.


-h, --help
Print usage information with a summary of the available options.
-v, --debug level
Set debug level, default: 1.
-+, --options file
Read command line options from file.
-i, --in file
Input file. If not given the input is read from STDIN.
-t, --type type
Type of input. One of rsa-priv (RSA private key), ecdsa-priv (ECDSA private key), pub (public key), x509 (X.509 certificate), crl (Certificate Revocation List, CRL), ac (Attribute Certificate), defaults to x509.