pki -pub(1) Extract a public key from a private key or certificate


[--in file|--keyid hex] [ --type type ] [ --outform encoding ] [ --debug level ] --options~file -h | --help


This sub-command of pki(1) extracts public keys from a private keys and certificates.


-h, --help
Print usage information with a summary of the available options.
-v, --debug level
Set debug level, default: 1.
-+, --options file
Read command line options from file.
-i, --in file
Input file. If not given the input is read from STDIN.
-t, --type type
Type of input. One of rsa (RSA private key), ecdsa (ECDSA private key), pub (public key), pkcs10 (PKCS#10 certificate request), or x509 (X.509 certificate), defaults to rsa.
-f, --outform encoding
Encoding of the extracted public key. One of der (ASN.1 DER), pem (Base64 PEM), dnskey (RFC 3110 DNS key), or sshkey (RFC 4253 SSH key), defaults to der.


Extract the public key from an RSA private key:

  pki --pub --in key.der > pub.der

Extract the public key from an X.509 certificate:

  pki --pub --in cert.der --type x509 > pub.der