pkstatprofile(1) program to calculate statistics in temporal or spectral profile


pkstatprofile -i input -o output [-f function] [options]


pkstatprofile calculates statistics for a temporal (time series) or spectral profile.

Function Description
mean calculate mean in window
median perform a median filter in spatial (dx, dy) or spectral/temporal (dz) domain
var calculate variance in window
stdev calculate standard deviation in window
min calculate minimum in window
max calculate maximum in window
sum calculate sum in window
mode calculate mode of all values
ismin 1 if value is minimum, else 0
ismax 1 if value is maximum, else 0
per calculate percentile in time series (provide percentage value as argument)
prop calculate proportion
nvalid report number of valid observations

Calculate min and max NDVI in time series

pkstatprofile -i modis_ndvi_2010.tif -o modis_stats_2010.tif -f min -f max


-i filename, --input filename
Input image file.
-o filename, --output filename
Output image file
-f function, --function function
Statistics function (mean, median, var, stdev, min, max, sum, mode (provide classes), ismin, ismax, proportion (provide classes), percentile, nvalid
-perc percentile, --perc percentile
Percentile value(s) used for rule percentile
-class class, --class class
class value(s) to use for mode, proportion
-nodata value, --nodata value
Set nodata value(s)
-ot type, --otype type
Data type for output image ({Byte / Int16 / UInt16 / UInt32 / Int32 / Float32 / Float64 / CInt16 / CInt32 / CFloat32 / CFloat64}). Empty string: inherit type from input image.
-of format, --oformat format
Output image format (see also gdal_translate(1)).
-ct filename, --ct filename
Color table (file with 5 columns: id R G B ALFA (0: transparent, 255: solid). Use none to ommit color table.
Creation option for output file. Multiple options can be specified.
-d value, --down value
Down sampling factor. Use value 1 for no downsampling. Use value n>1 for downsampling (aggregation).
-v level, --verbose level
Verbose mode if > 0