pl_setcontlabelparam(3) Set parameters of contour labelling other than format of numerical label


pl_setcontlabelparam(offset, size, spacing, active)


Set parameters of contour labelling other than those handled by pl_setcontlabelformat(3plplot).

Redacted form: pl_setcontlabelparam(offset, size, spacing, active)

This function is used in example 9.


offset (PLFLT, input)
Offset of label from contour line (if set to 0.0, labels are printed on the lines). Default value is 0.006.
size (PLFLT, input)
Font height for contour labels (normalized). Default value is 0.3.
spacing (PLFLT, input)
Spacing parameter for contour labels. Default value is 0.1.
active (PLINT, input)
Activate labels. Set to 1 if you want contour labels on. Default is off (0).


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