plasmoidviewer(1) Run Plasma widgets in their own window


plasmoidviewer [-c, --containment name] [-f, --formfactor name] [--list] [--list-wallpapers] [--list-containments] [-l, --location name] [-p, --pixmapcache size] [-s, --screenshot] [--screenshot-all] [-t, --theme name] [-w, --wallpaper name] [applet] [args] [--list-remote] [KDE Generic Options] [Qt Generic Options]



is a graphical tool allowing developers to test Plasma applets.

Only installed applets will be found. kbuildsycoca4 may need to be run for newly-installed applets to be found.


-c, --containment name

Name of the containment plugin [null].

-f, --formfactor name

The formfactor to use (horizontal, vertical, mediacenter or planar) [planar].


Displays a list of known applets.


Displays a list of known wallpapers.


Displays a list of known containments.

-l, --location name

The location constraint to start the Containment with (floating, desktop, fullscreen, top, bottom, left, right) [floating].

-p, --pixmapcache size

The size in KB to set the pixmap cache to.

-s, --screenshot

Takes a screenshot of the widget and saves it the working directory as <pluginname>.png.

-s, --screenshot-all

Takes a screenshot of each widget and saves it the working directory as <pluginname>.png.

-t, --theme name

Desktop SVG theme to use.

-w, --wallpaper name

Name of the wallpaper plugin. Requires a containment plugin to be specified.


Name of applet to view; may refer to the plugin name or be a path (absolute or relative) to a package. If not provided, then an attempt is made to load a package from the current directory.


Optional arguments of the applet to add.


List zeroconf announced remote widgets.


plasmoidviewer was written by Aaron Seigo [email protected].