pman(3) A graphical process manager.


Warning: The Pman application has been superseded by the Observer application. Pman will be removed in R16.

A graphical tool used to inspect the Erlang processes executing either locally or on remote nodes. It is also possible to trace events in the individual processes.




Excluded = [Module]

 Module = atom()

Starts Pman. It will use the previously saved trace settings in HOME/.erlang_tools/pman.opts, where HOME is the user's home directory, if such a file exists. Otherwise standard trace settings will be used. The return value should be ignored.

Excluded is a list of module names. If the argument is present, processes currently executing in any of these modules will not be shown by Pman.

start/0,1 will fail unless the start-up succeeds within 20 seconds, whereas start_notimeout/0,1 will wait indefinitely.

proc(A, B, C)


Process = pid() | atom()
A = B = C = integer()

Starts a Pman trace window for the specified process. The return value should be ignored.

The process to trace is given either by its pid or by its registered name. It is also possible to use proc/3 to trace the pid represented as <A,B,C>.