pmDestroyContext(3) destroy a PMAPI context


#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

int pmDestroyContext(int handle);

cc ... -lpcp


An application using the Performance Metrics Application Programming Interface (PMAPI) may manipulate several concurrent contexts, each associated with a source of performance metrics, e.g. pmcd(1) on some host, or an archive log of performance metrics as created by pmlogger(1).

pmDestroyContext destroys the PMAPI context identified by handle. Typically this would imply some termination of a connection to a PMCD or closing an archive log file, and orderly clean-up.

The context must have been previously created using pmNewContext(3) or pmDupContext(3).

On success, pmDestroyContext returns zero. If handle was the current PMAPI context, then the current context becomes undefined. This means the application must explicitly re-establish a valid PMAPI context with pmUseContext(3), or create a new context with pmNewContext(3) or pmDupContext(3), before the next PMAPI operation that requires a PMAPI context.



handle does not identify a valid PMAPI context