pnpbios(4) support for embedded devices on the motherboard


The driver enumerates embedded ISA devices on the motherboard whose BIOS supports ``Plug and Play BIOS Specification'' It assigns ISA bus resources (interrupt line, DMA channel, I/O ports, and memory region) to each device and activates it.

If it cannot assign necessary resources to a device without causing conflict with other devices in the system, the device will not be activated and will be unavailable to programs.


Compaq Phenix Intel "Plug and Play BIOS Specification Version 1.0A" May 5, 1994

Compaq Phenix Intel "Plug and Play BIOS CLARIFICATION Paper for Plug and Play BIOS Specification Version 1.0A" October 6, 1994


The driver first appeared in Fx 4.0 .


The driver was written by An Mike Smith .


There is no explicit way to disable individual embedded devices. The driver will find all devices reported by the ``Plug and Play (PnP)'' BIOS and try to activate them all.

There is no way to explicitly assign particular resource to a device. The resource assignment is fully automatic and there is no provision for manual override.