po_cos_naming_shell(1) navigate and interact with the CORBA COS Naming implementation.


po_cos_naming_shell [-s] [-i] [-I <IOR>] [-n]

All the command line switches are optional. Note: if no root directory initial reference is specified (see section OPTIONS), a new one is created on startup.


po_cos_naming_shell(1) is very similar to the po_cos_naming(1) application. po_cos_naming_shell(1) can can act as standalone server that supports the CORBA COS Naming specification. In addition, po_cos_naming_shell(1) provides an interactive shell which can be used to query and manage the CORBA COS naming service.

po_cos_naming_shell(1) is able to retrive an existing root directory reference, or it can create a new one on application startup.

To display all available shell commands, type help on the command line.


po_cos_naming_shell(1) accepts the following command line switches:


Register root directory initial reference.


Retrieve root directory initial reference.

-I <IOR>

Use object denoted by IOR as root directory.


Retrieve root directory by name.


This manual page was written by Reto Buerki <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).