po_createref(1) create IOR stringified references


po_createref -t type_id -pn profile_nb profile_description


po_createref(1) is an utility to create specific IOR stringified references (CORBA IOR, corbaloc or URI). The reference's components and associated configuration parameters can be specified by using the command line switches of po_createref(1) (see section OPTIONS).


GIOP/IIOP profile

-pt iiop -i index -g -cr father_poa -vmj Major -vmn Minor -a Inet_Address -p Port -cn Components_Number {-ct component_id component ce} pe

Policies component

policies -pol_nb policies_number {-model SERVER_DECLARED|CLIENT -priority value}

Code_Sets component

-char code_set -s supported_number {code_set}-wchar code_set -s supported_number {code_set}

SSL component

ssl_trans -requires value -supports value -p port_number

Alternate Address component

alternate_address -a inet_address -p port_number


This manual page was written by Reto Buerki <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).