postal-list(1) program to show how postal expands user names


postal-list user-list-filename conversion-filename


This program shows the expansion that the postal program uses on email addresses. This can be used to make sure that you're configuration files do what you expect them to, and can also be used to produce a list of user-names for an account creation script (in case you want to create a million test accounts in a conveniant fashion).

The user-list-filename is the name of a file which contains a list of user's email addresses. This can be just user-names or fully qualified email addresses.

The conversion-filename parameter will be the name of a file containing the conversions to apply to email addresses. Each line in the file can either be a comment (starting with "#") or is to contain two parameters. The first parameter is the regular expression. For each email that is to be sent a randomly selected user-name will be checked against all regular expressions, the first match will determine the translation that is to be applied. The translation will be the second parameter on the line. It will contain a number of "." characters specifying characters in the name that are not to be translated. To specify the translations a range of characters can be specified inside square brackets. For example to have every address starting with "a" have a character from "01234567890abc" as it's second character and a character from "xyz" as it's third character you would have the following: ^a .[0-9abc][xyz]


No Error
Bad Parameters


This program, it's manual page, and the Debian package were written by Russell Coker <[email protected]>.


The source is available from .

See for further information.