PPIx::EditorTools::Lexer(3) Simple Lexer used for syntax highlighting


code => "package TestPackage;\nsub x { 1;\n",
highlighter => sub {
my ( $css, $row, $rowchar, $len ) = @_;


Go over the various interesting elements of a give piece of code or an already process PPI tree. For each token call the user supplied 'highlighter' function with the follow values:

  $css     - The keyword that can be used for colouring.
  $row     - The row number where the token starts
  $rowchar - The character within that row where the token starts
  $len     - The length of the token


Constructor. Generally shouldn't be called with any arguments.
find( ppi => PPI::Document $ppi, highlighter => sub {...} ) =item find( code => Str $code, highlighter => sub ...{} )
Accepts either a "PPI::Document" to process or a string containing the code (which will be converted into a "PPI::Document") to process. Return a reference to an array.