Prima::ColorDialog(3) standard color selection facilities


use Prima qw(StdDlg Application);
my $p = Prima::ColorDialog-> create(
quality => 1,
printf "color: %06x", $p-> value if $p-> execute == mb::OK;


The module contains two packages, "Prima::ColorDialog" and "Prima::ColorComboBox", used as standard tools for interactive color selection. "Prima::ColorComboBox" is a modified combo widget, which provides selecting from predefined palette but also can invoke "Prima::ColorDialog" window.



quality BOOLEAN
Used to increase visual quality of the dialog if run on paletted displays.

Default value: 0

value COLOR
Selects the color, represented by the color wheel and other dialog controls.

Default value: "cl::White"


Converts color from HSV to RGB format and returns three integer values, red, green, and blue components.
rgb2hsv RED, GREEN, BLUE
Converts color from RGB to HSV format and returns three numerical values, hue, saturation, and luminosity components.
rgb2value RED, GREEN, BLUE
Combines separate channels into single 24-bit RGB value and returns the result.
value2rgb COLOR
Splits 24-bit RGB value into three channels, red, green, and blue and returns three integer values.
xy2hs X, Y, RADIUS
Maps X and Y coordinate values onto a color wheel with RADIUS in pixels. The code uses RADIUS = 119 for mouse position coordinate mapping. Returns three values, - hue, saturation and error flag. If error flag is set, the conversion has failed.
Maps hue and saturation onto 256-pixel wide color wheel, and returns X and Y coordinates of the corresponding point.
create_wheel SHADES, BACK_COLOR
Creates a color wheel with number of SHADES given, drawn on a BACK_COLOR background, and returns a "Prima::DeviceBitmap" object.
create_wheel_shape SHADES
Creates a circular 1-bit mask, with radius derived from SHAPES. SHAPES must be same as passed to create_wheel. Returns "Prima::Image" object.


BeginDragColor $PROPERTY
Called when the user starts dragginh a color from the color wheel by with left mouse button and combination of Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys. $PROPERTY is one of "Prima::Widget" color properties, and depends on combination of keys:

        Alt              backColor
        Ctrl             color
        Alt+Shift        hiliteBackColor
        Ctrl+Shift       hiliteColor
        Ctrl+Alt         disabledColor
        Ctrl+Alt+Shift   disabledBackColor

Default action reflects the property to be changes in the dialog title

The notification is called when the value property is changed, either interactively or as a result of direct call.
Called when the user releases the mouse drag over a Prima widget. Default action sets "$WIDGET->$PROPERTY" to the current color value.


Contains cached result of create_wheel call.
Contains cached result of create_wheel_shape call.



"nt::Action" callback, designed to map combo palette index into a RGB color. INDEX is an integer from 0 to colors - 1, COLOR_PTR is a reference to a result scalar, where the notification is expected to write the resulting color.


colors INTEGER
Defines amount of colors in the fixed palette of the combo box.
value COLOR
Contains the color selection as 24-bit integer value.


Dmitry Karasik, <[email protected]>.