procdesc(4) process descriptor facility


options PROCDESC


is a file-descriptor-oriented interface to process signalling and control, which supplements historic UNIX fork(2), kill(2), and wait4(2) primitives with new system calls such as pdfork(2), pdkill(2), and pdwait4(2). is designed for use with capsicum(4), replacing process identifiers with capability-oriented references. However, it can also be used independently of capsicum(4), displacing PIDs, which may otherwise suffer from race conditions. Given a process descriptor, it is possible to query its conventional PID using pdgetpid(2).


first appeared in Fx 9.0 , and was developed at the University of Cambridge.


was developed by An -nosplit An Robert Watson Aq [email protected] and An Jonathan Anderson Aq [email protected] at the University of Cambridge, and An Ben Laurie Aq [email protected] and An Kris Kennaway Aq [email protected] at Google, Inc.


is considered experimental in Fx .