proposal.c(3) Implementation of proposed API enhancements.


#include <string.h>
#include <kdbprivate.h>


ssize_t keySetStringF (Key *key, const char *format,...)
Set a formatted string.
int elektraArrayIncName (Key *key)
Increment the name of the key by one.
int elektraKsToMemArray (KeySet *ks, Key **buffer)
Builds an array of pointers to the keys in the supplied keyset.
int elektraKsFilter (KeySet *result, KeySet *input, int(*filter)(const Key *k, void *argument), void *argument)
return only those keys from the given keyset that pass the supplied filter function with the supplied argument
KeySet * elektraRenameKeys (KeySet *config, const char *name)
Takes the first key and cuts off this common part for all other keys, instead name will be prepended.
elektraNamespace keyGetNamespace (const Key *key)
For currently valid namespaces see elektraNamespace.
int keyLock (Key *key, enum elektraLockOptions what)
Permanently locks a part of the key.
KeySet * elektraArrayGet (const Key *arrayParent, KeySet *keys)
Return all the array keys below the given arrayparent The arrayparent itself is not returned.
Key * elektraArrayGetNextKey (KeySet *arrayKeys)
Return the next key in the given array.
KeySet * elektraKeyGetMetaKeySet (const Key *key)
Return meta data as keyset.
Key * ksPrev (KeySet *ks)
Returns the previous Key in a KeySet.
Key * ksPopAtCursor (KeySet *ks, cursor_t pos)
Pop key at given cursor position.

Detailed Description

Implementation of proposed API enhancements.


BSD License (see doc/COPYING or


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