pserve(1) Python 2 Pyramid command


pserve ,config_uri /[,start|stop|restart|status/] [,var=value/]


This command serves a web application that uses a PasteDeploy configuration file for the server and application. If start/stop/restart is given, then --daemon is implied, and it will start (normal operation), stop (--stopdaemon), or do both. Note: Daemonization features are deprecated. You can also include variable assignments like 'http_port=8080' and then use %(http_port)s in your config files.


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-n NAME, --app-name=,NAME/
Load the named application (default main)
Use the named server.
Use the named server as defined in the configuration file (default: main)
Run in daemon (background) mode [DEPRECATED]
Save PID to file (default to if running in daemon mode) [DEPRECATED]
Save output to the given log file (redirects stdout)
Use auto-restart file monitor
Seconds between checking files (low number can cause significant CPU usage)
Auto-restart server if it dies [DEPRECATED]
-b, --browser
Open a web browser to server url
Show the status of the (presumably daemonized) server [DEPRECATED]
-v, --verbose
Set verbose level (default 1)
-q, --quiet
Suppress verbose output
Set the user (usually only possible when run as root)
Set the group (usually only possible when run as root)
Stop a daemonized server (given a PID file, or default file) [DEPRECATED]