pspp(1) a system for statistical analysis


pspp [options] file...


pspp performs statistical analysis on sampled data. Detailed documentation is available in html, pdf and info format. If the info system is installed, you can view the documentation with
info pspp

On Debian GNU/Linux systems, full documentation is available in /usr/share/doc/pspp in HTML and PDF formats and in /usr/share/info in info format. Documentation is also available at


Show summary of options.
Show version of program.


Create a file example.sps with the following content:

* Example sps file data list / v0 to v2 1-9. begin data. 12 12 89 56 12 77 78 12 73 90 91 37 97 85 end data. descript all /stat=all /format=serial.

and run pspp with

pspp example.sps

More examples files are in /usr/share/pspp/examples


pspp was written by Ben Pfaff, John Darrington and others