psppire(1) graphical interface to pspp


psppire [options] files...


psppire is a graphical interface to pspp. This interface allows you to enter data and variable definitions interactively. Commands may be executed in syntax form, or by using the interactive dialog boxes available from the dropdown menus. Up to date documentation is available via
info pspp

Documentation is also available as pdf or html. On GNU/Linux based systems you find this documentation in /usr/share/doc/pspp.


Show summary of options.
Show version of program.


Create a file example.sps with the following content:

* Example sps file data list / v0 to v2 1-9. begin data. 12 12 89 56 12 77 78 12 73 90 91 37 97 85 52 82 12 79 26 78 76 29 13 71 end data. examine v0 /plot=all.

and run psppire with

psppire example.sps

More examples files are in /usr/share/pspp/examples


psppire was written by John Darrington.