PX_set_targetencoding(3) Set encoding for output


#include <paradox.h>

int PX_set_targetencoding(pxdoc_t *pxdoc, const char *encoding)


Sets the target encoding for all alpha fields. It is used when data is retrieved from a record. The encoding must be a name as it is described by the man and info pages of recode or iconv                         whatever is used. A common value is `latin1' on Unix
systems. If you do not set the encoding the function PX_get_data_alpha(3) will return field data in the original encoding otherwise it will recode the field data.

This function is a short cut form PX_set_parameter(pxdoc, "targetencoding", encoding) and is deprecated.


Returns -2 if recoding is not supported and a value < 0 in case of an error, otherwise 0.


This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann [email protected].