pxz(1) Parallel LZMA compressor compatible with XZ.


pxz [options]... [file]...


pxz is a compression utility that takes advantage of running XZ compression simultaneously on different parts of an input file on multiple cores and processors. This significantly speeds up compression time.


Be verbose.
-h, --help
Display help.
-f, --force
Force operation.
-c, --stdout
Write results to standard output and don't delete input files.
-k, --keep
Keep (don't delete) input files.
-T, --threads
Maximal number of threads to run simultaneously.
-D, --context-size
Context size per one thread specified as a multiple of dictionary size for active compression level.
-V, --version
Display version of PXZ.


pxz file1 file2
Compress file1 and file2 to file1.xz and file2.xz using default settings.
pxz -T4 file1
Compress file1 with default compression and maximum of 4 threads.
pxz -k -9 file1
Use maximal compression and keep the original file1, use default number of threads.
pxz -f -T4 file1
Compress file with default compression and with 4 threads.
pxz -kvf -3 -T8 file1
Use -3 compression, keep the original file, use 8 threads and show progress.
tar Oc dir1 | pxz -D 12 -cv - > dir1.tar.xz
Move dir1 into tar, then compress it with the context of 12 sizes of dictionary per thread, show progress and write result to dir1.tar.xz.


Jindrich Novy <[email protected]>