pycocuma(1) Pythonic Contact and Customer Management


pycocuma [options] [connection-string]


PyCoCuMa (Pythonic Contact and Customer Management) provides a personal information system for addresses, telephone numbers and other data associated with personal contacts (also supports photographic pictures).

PyCoCuMa is purely written in Python with a Tk graphical interface. PyCoCuMa is based on an XML-RPC client-server architecture. The server stores its data in compatible vCard (ver. 3.0) files (*.vcf) which can be read by all modern address programs (Evolution, KAddressbook, Outlook, GnomeCard, etc).

This manpage documents the PyCoCuMa client (which can also run standalone).


addressbook filename / server url
-h --help
show help
-c --config
location of configuration file (default: ~/.pycocuma)
do not save configuration / preferences
-t --type
connection type: xmlrpc or file (default: file)
open QuickFinder
import from file/stdin (-) (e.g. vcard:/tmp/John.vcf)
export to file or stdout (e.g. latex:-)


pycocuma --type=xmlrpc http://localhost:8810
pycocuma --config=/tmp/pycocumatest.conf --type=file ./addressbook.vcf


PyCoCuMa was written by Henning Jacobs.

This manpage was written by Christoph Berg for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but may be used by others).