qmp3join(1) join mp3 files


qmp3join [option]... file1 file2...


qmp3join reads a list of mp3 files and joins them in one mp3 file in the specified order. some conditions must be met for the parameters of each of the files (see NOTES section).


force join bypassing bit rate checks. by default, to join two files they must be both vbr (have variable bit rate) or have the same bit rate. using this option you can skip this check.
show a brief help and exit.
-o <outfile>, --output=<outfile>
outfile is the name of the file where all the frames will be copied. if this option is not used, the frames from the second to the last file of the list will be appended to file1.
show which operations are done.
show version and exit.


(all) the following parameters are required to be common for two mp3 files to be joined: [fill this!!!]. also, about the bit rate parameter, both mp3 must have the same value or (both) must have a variable bit rate. this restriction would be by-passable with the --force flag.

before joining, all the streams are tested for validity. this is a time consuming operation.

in any case, qmp3join can be viewed like a better but restrictive cat for mp3 files, due to the mp3 file format characteristics.


tests have been done only with mpeg version 1 layer iii streams, though it may (or not) work with other versions/layers.