qpid-python-test(1) run tests of the python QPID library for a broker


qpid-python-test [options] PATTERN ...


Run tests matching the specified PATTERNs.


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-l, --list
list tests instead of executing them
-b BROKER, --broker=BROKER
run tests against BROKER (default localhost)
-f FILE, --log-file=FILE
log output to FILE
-v LEVEL, --log-level=LEVEL
only display log messages of LEVEL or higher severity: DEBUG, WARN, ERROR (default WARN)
-c CATEGORY, --log-category=CATEGORY
log only categories matching CATEGORY pattern
-m MODULES, --module=MODULES
add module to test search path
-i IGNORE, --ignore=IGNORE
ignore tests matching IGNORE pattern
-I IFILE, --ignore-file=IFILE
ignore tests matching patterns in IFILE
-H, --halt-on-error
halt if an error is encountered
-t, --time
report timing information on test run
-D DEFINE, --define=DEFINE
define test parameters