qqwing(1) A tool for generating and solving Sudoku puzzles


qqwing --generate [OPTIONS...]
qqwing --solve [OPTIONS...]


qqwing is a Sudoku puzzle generator and solver. It offers the following features:

• Fast. It can solve 1000 puzzles in 1 second and generate 1000 puzzles in 25 seconds.
• Uses logic. Uses as many solve techniques as possible when solving puzzles rather than guessing.
• Rates puzzles. Most generators don't give an indication of the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle. QQwing does.
• Can print solve instructions. Tells steps that need to be taken to solve any puzzle.
• Customizable output style, including a CSV style that is easy to import into a database.


--generate <num>
Generate new puzzles
Solve all the puzzles from standard input
Generate only simple, easy, intermediate, expert, or any
--symmetry <sym>
Symmetry: none, rotate90, rotate180, mirror, flip, or random
Print the puzzle (default when generating)
Do not print the puzzle (default when solving)
Print the solution (default when solving)
Do not print the solution (default when generating)
Print statistics about moves used to solve the puzzle
Do not print statistics (default)
Print time to generate or solve each puzzle
Do not print solve or generation times (default)
Count the number of solutions to puzzles
Do not count the number of solutions (default)
Print trial and error used when solving
Do not print trial and error to solve (default)
Print the steps (at least 81) needed to solve the puzzle
Do not print steps to solve (default)
Print trial and error to solve as it happens
Do not print trial and error to solve as it happens
Print puzzles on one line of 81 characters
Print puzzles on 9 lines of 9 characters
Print puzzles in human readable form (default)
Output CSV format with one line puzzles
Display help message
Display author and license information
Display version number