QwtLegendItem(3) A legend label.


#include <qwt_legend_item.h>

Inherits QwtTextLabel.

Public Types

enum IdentifierMode { NoIdentifier = 0, ShowLine = 1, ShowSymbol = 2, ShowText = 4 }

Public Slots

void clear ()

void setChecked (bool on)

void setText (const QString &, QwtText::TextFormat textFormat=QwtText::AutoText)


void checked (bool)

void clicked ()

void pressed ()

void released ()

Public Member Functions

const QPen & curvePen () const

virtual void drawIdentifier (QPainter *, const QRect &) const

virtual void drawItem (QPainter *p, const QRect &) const

virtual int heightForWidth (int) const

int identifierMode () const

int identifierWidth () const

int indent () const

bool isChecked () const

QwtLegend::LegendItemMode itemMode () const

int margin () const

virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const

QwtLegendItem (QWidget *parent=0)

QwtLegendItem (const QwtSymbol &, const QPen &, const QwtText &, QWidget *parent=0)

void setCurvePen (const QPen &)

void setIdentifierMode (int)

void setIdentifierWidth (int width)

void setIndent (int)

void setItemMode (QwtLegend::LegendItemMode)

void setMargin (int)

void setSpacing (int spacing)

void setSymbol (const QwtSymbol &)

virtual void setText (const QwtText &)

virtual QSize sizeHint () const

int spacing () const

const QwtSymbol & symbol () const

const QwtText & text () const

QRect textRect () const

virtual ~QwtLegendItem ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void drawContents (QPainter *)

virtual void drawText (QPainter *, const QRect &)

bool isDown () const

virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)

virtual void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *)

virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *)

virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *)

virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)

void setDown (bool)

Detailed Description

A legend label.

QwtLegendItem represents a curve on a legend. It displays an curve identifier with an explaining text. The identifier might be a combination of curve symbol and line. In readonly mode it behaves like a label, otherwise like an unstylish push button.

See also:

QwtLegend, QwtPlotCurve

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QwtLegendItem::IdentifierMode

Identifier mode. Default is ShowLine | ShowText

See also:

identifierMode(), setIdentifierMode()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtLegendItem::QwtLegendItem (QWidget *parent = 0) [explicit]Parameters:

parent Parent widget

QwtLegendItem::QwtLegendItem (const QwtSymbol &symbol, const QPen &curvePen, const QwtText &text, QWidget *parent = 0) [explicit]Parameters:

symbol Curve symbol
curvePen Curve pen
text Label text
parent Parent widget

QwtLegendItem::~QwtLegendItem () [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void QwtLegendItem::checked (bool) [signal]

Signal, when the legend item has been toggled.

void QwtTextLabel::clear () [slot, inherited]

Clear the text and all QwtText attributes.

void QwtLegendItem::clicked () [signal]

Signal, when the legend item has been clicked.

const QPen & QwtLegendItem::curvePen () constReturns:

The curve pen.

See also:


void QwtTextLabel::drawContents (QPainter *painter) [protected, virtual, inherited]

Redraw the text and focus indicator.

void QwtLegendItem::drawIdentifier (QPainter *painter, const QRect &rect) const [virtual]Paint the identifier to a given rect.


painter Painter
rect Rect where to paint

void QwtLegendItem::drawItem (QPainter *painter, const QRect &rect) const [virtual]Draw the legend item to a given rect.


painter Painter
rect Rect where to paint the button

void QwtLegendItem::drawText (QPainter *painter, const QRect &textRect) [protected, virtual]

Redraw the text.

Reimplemented from QwtTextLabel.

int QwtTextLabel::heightForWidth (intwidth) const [virtual, inherited]Returns the preferred height for this widget, given the width.


width Width

int QwtLegendItem::identifierMode () constOr'd values of IdentifierMode.

See also:

setIdentifierMode(), IdentifierMode

int QwtLegendItem::identifierWidth () constReturn the width of the identifier

See also:


int QwtTextLabel::indent () const [inherited]

Return label's text indent in pixels.

bool QwtLegendItem::isChecked () const

Return true, if the item is checked.

bool QwtLegendItem::isDown () const [protected]

Return true, if the item is down.

QwtLegend::LegendItemMode QwtLegendItem::itemMode () constReturn the item mode

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e) [protected, virtual]

Handle key press events.

void QwtLegendItem::keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *e) [protected, virtual]

Handle key release events.

int QwtTextLabel::margin () const [inherited]

Return label's text indent in pixels.

QSize QwtTextLabel::minimumSizeHint () const [virtual, inherited]

Return a minimum size hint.

void QwtLegendItem::mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *e) [protected, virtual]

Handle mouse press events.

void QwtLegendItem::mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *e) [protected, virtual]

Handle mouse release events.

void QwtLegendItem::paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e) [protected, virtual]

Paint event.

Reimplemented from QwtTextLabel.

void QwtLegendItem::pressed () [signal]

Signal, when the legend item has been pressed.

void QwtLegendItem::released () [signal]

Signal, when the legend item has been relased.

void QwtLegendItem::setChecked (boolon) [slot]Check/Uncheck a the item


on check/uncheck

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::setCurvePen (const QPen &pen)Set curve pen.


pen Curve pen

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::setDown (booldown) [protected]

Set the item being down.

void QwtLegendItem::setIdentifierMode (intmode)Set identifier mode. Default is ShowLine | ShowText.


mode Or'd values of IdentifierMode

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::setIdentifierWidth (intwidth)Set the width for the identifier Default is 8 pixels


width New width

See also:

identifierMode(), identifierWidth()

void QwtTextLabel::setIndent (intindent) [inherited]Set label's text indent in pixels


indent Indentation in pixels

void QwtLegendItem::setItemMode (QwtLegend::LegendItemModemode)Set the item mode The default is QwtLegend::ReadOnlyItem


mode Item mode

See also:


void QwtTextLabel::setMargin (intmargin) [inherited]Set label's margin in pixels


margin Margin in pixels

void QwtLegendItem::setSpacing (intspacing)Change the spacing


spacing Spacing

See also:

spacing(), identifierWidth(), QwtTextLabel::margin()

void QwtLegendItem::setSymbol (const QwtSymbol &symbol)Set curve symbol.


symbol Symbol

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::setText (const QwtText &text) [virtual]Set the text to the legend item


text Text label

See also:


Reimplemented from QwtTextLabel.

void QwtTextLabel::setText (const QString &text, QwtText::TextFormattextFormat = QwtText::AutoText) [slot, inherited]Change the label's text, keeping all other QwtText attributes


text New text
textFormat Format of text

See also:


QSize QwtLegendItem::sizeHint () const [virtual]

Return a size hint.

Reimplemented from QwtTextLabel.

int QwtLegendItem::spacing () constReturn the spacing

See also:

setSpacing(), identifierWidth(), QwtTextLabel::margin()

const QwtSymbol & QwtLegendItem::symbol () constReturns:

The curve symbol.

See also:


const QwtText & QwtTextLabel::text () const [inherited]

Return the text.

QRect QwtTextLabel::textRect () const [inherited]Calculate the rect for the text in widget coordinates


Text rect


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