QwtScaleDiv(3) A class representing a scale division.


#include <qwt_scale_div.h>

Public Types

enum TickType { NoTick = -1, MinorTick, MediumTick, MajorTick, NTickTypes }

Public Member Functions

bool contains (double v) const

QwtDoubleInterval interval () const

void invalidate ()

void invert ()

bool isValid () const

double lowerBound () const

int operator!= (const QwtScaleDiv &s) const

int operator== (const QwtScaleDiv &s) const

QwtScaleDiv ()

QwtScaleDiv (double lowerBound, double upperBound, QwtValueList[NTickTypes])

QwtScaleDiv (const QwtDoubleInterval &, QwtValueList[NTickTypes])

double range () const

void setInterval (const QwtDoubleInterval &)

void setInterval (double lowerBound, double upperBound)

void setTicks (int type, const QwtValueList &)

const QwtValueList & ticks (int type) const

double upperBound () const

Detailed Description

A class representing a scale division.

A scale division consists of its limits and 3 list of tick values qualified as major, medium and minor ticks.

In most cases scale divisions are calculated by a QwtScaleEngine.

See also:

subDivideInto(), subDivide()

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QwtScaleDiv::TickType

Scale tick types.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtScaleDiv::QwtScaleDiv () [explicit]

Construct an invalid QwtScaleDiv instance.

QwtScaleDiv::QwtScaleDiv (const QwtDoubleInterval &interval, QwtValueListticks[NTickTypes]) [explicit]Construct QwtScaleDiv instance.


interval Interval
ticks List of major, medium and minor ticks

QwtScaleDiv::QwtScaleDiv (doublelowerBound, doubleupperBound, QwtValueListticks[NTickTypes]) [explicit]Construct QwtScaleDiv instance.


lowerBound First interval limit
upperBound Second interval limit
ticks List of major, medium and minor ticks

Member Function Documentation

bool QwtScaleDiv::contains (doublevalue) constReturn if a value is between lowerBound() and upperBound()


value Value



QwtDoubleInterval QwtScaleDiv::interval () const [inline]Returns:

lowerBound -> upperBound

void QwtScaleDiv::invalidate ()

Invalidate the scale division.

void QwtScaleDiv::invert ()

Invert the scale divison.

bool QwtScaleDiv::isValid () const

Check if the scale division is valid.

double QwtScaleDiv::lowerBound () const [inline]Returns:

lower bound

See also:


int QwtScaleDiv::operator!= (const QwtScaleDiv &s) const

Inequality. Returns:

true if this instance is not equal to s

int QwtScaleDiv::operator== (const QwtScaleDiv &other) const

Equality operator. Returns:

true if this instance is equal to other

double QwtScaleDiv::range () const [inline]Returns:

upperBound() - lowerBound()

void QwtScaleDiv::setInterval (const QwtDoubleInterval &interval)Change the interval


interval Interval

void QwtScaleDiv::setInterval (doublelowerBound, doubleupperBound) [inline]Change the interval


lowerBound lower bound
upperBound upper bound

void QwtScaleDiv::setTicks (inttype, const QwtValueList &ticks)Assign ticks


type MinorTick, MediumTick or MajorTick
ticks Values of the tick positions

const QwtValueList & QwtScaleDiv::ticks (inttype) constReturn a list of ticks


type MinorTick, MediumTick or MajorTick

double QwtScaleDiv::upperBound () const [inline]Returns:

upper bound

See also:



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