radrelay(1) replicate accounting data to another RADIUS server


radrelay [-P pidfile] [-a accounting_dir] [-d config_dir] [-f] [-i source_ip] [-s secret] server detailfile


Radrelay reads a file in the detail file format, reconstructs radius packets from it and sends them to a remote radius server. When end-of-file is reached, the file is truncated. Radrelay then waits until additional data to be written to the file, and starts over again.


-P pid_filename
At startup, radrelay writes its process-id to a file. By default that is var/run/radrelay.pid, this option overrides that.

-a accounting_directory

The base directory to use to read the detail file from.

-d config_directory

The directory where the dictionary and clients files are.


Do not fork and run in the background as a daemon.

-i source_ip
The source IP address to use for sending radius packets.

-s secret
Normally the secret for the remote server is looked up in /etc/raddb/clients. This option overrides the secret specified in that file.

File to read the attribute/value pairs from. If this is not specified, they are read from stdin.

The hostname or IP address of the remote server. Optionally a UDP port can be specified. If no UDP port is specified, it is looked up in /etc/services. The service name looked for is radacct for accounting packets. If a service is not found in /etc/services, 1646 is used.


Miquel van Smoorenburg, [email protected].