rasc(1) Radare Shellcode helper utility


rasc [-cCxXtLV] [-A N] [-C N] [-E N] [-N N] [-a addr@off] [-s hexpair] [-i name] [-S file] [-l port]


rasc implements the most common practices to generate shellcodes with paddings with 0x41's ('A'), nops, breakpoints or enumerations (00 01 02 03 ..).

rasc can serve a syscall proxy at a specified port with -l [port]

There's an hardcoded database of common used shellcodes that can be listed with -L. Use -i to specify which want you want to use.

The output can be raw or in hexpairs (-x) or C array (-c).

Use -X to inline execute the specified. (useful for testing)

To specify the

-A|-C|-E|-N count
Specify the number of 'A's, breakpoints, enumerations and nops to be prefixed to the shellcode.
-a addr@off
Set the return address at a specified offset inside the resulting shellcode
-s 'hexpair'
Set the shellcode in hexpair format. For example (-s '01 02 03')
-l port
Listen a syscall proxy server at a specified port.
List all hardcoded shellcodes
Show output in C array format
Show output in hexpairs format
Execute resulting shellcode
Performs some tests on the current platform
Show usage help message.


Some shellcodes can be modified using the environment variables CMD, HOST and PORT. See -L for more information.


pancake <[email protected]>