rdebsums(1) a recursive debsums


rdebsums --help | [ debsum options ] [ --others ] package


rdebsums runs debsums(1) over a given package and all its dependencies. It can be used to make sure a problem with a package is not due to file corruption.

All but the last element of the command-line and options understood by rdebsums are sent to debsums(1).


Prints a short help text

Also runs debsums on Recommended and Suggested packages.


Check the package aptitude and all its dependencies:

rdebsums aptitude

The same while being significantly less verbose

rdebsums -s aptitude


rdebsums is quite slow - essentially due to dpkg-query not being extremely fast.

Currently, rdebsums will be confused by virtual packages.

--others is actually nearly useless, as you often end up checking nearly all packages. You'll most probably win time by running debsums without arguments.


rdebsums was written by Vincent Fourmond <[email protected]>