readahead(8) file preloader for boot process optimization


readahead [options] <file-list> [another-file-list [...]]


readahead is a files preloader designed to optimize the disk I/O during the boot process.


-b, --build
build optimised files list only, without sorting.
-s, --sort
build and sort list of files only (implies -b).
-o, --output <file>
write sorted list of files to file.
-d, --dont-sort
preload files described by an already sorted files list.
-h, --help
print the usage information.
-v, --verbose
enable the verbose mode.
-t, --timing
report time spent on each operation.
-m, --maxsize <max size>
maximum size in KiB a file can be in order to be preloaded, default is 10240.
<file-list> [another-file-list [...]]
One or more files containing the list of files to be preloaded or sorted. The files list can be generated by readahead-collector(8).




Arjan van de Ven <[email protected]>,
Ziga Mahkovec <[email protected]>, Karel Zak <[email protected]>,

This manual page was written by Raphael Geissert <[email protected]>