ReqErr(3) handle request errors


#include <InterViews/reqerr.h>


Some requests to the window server may generate an error. For example, if a window is destroyed while it is being repositioned interactively, the request to place the window in the new position will fail. Normally, errors cause a process to terminate. The ReqErr class is used to handle errors within an application. The base class defines the attributes associated with each error, including a message string describing the error, an integer request code that specifies the kind of call that generated the error, and a id object that was the target of the request. When an error occurs, the attributes of the current request handler are assigned and the handler's Error operation is called.


ReqErr* Install()
Use this error handler for subsequent errors and return the previous error handler.
virtual void Error()
Handle a detected error. The default handler is a nop.