restorecond(8) daemon that watches for file creation and then sets the default SELinux file context


restorecond [-d] [-h] [-f restorecond_file ] [-u] [-v]


This manual page describes the restorecond program.

This daemon uses inotify to watch files listed in the /etc/selinux/restorecond.conf, when they are created, this daemon will make sure they have the correct file context associated with the policy.


Turns on debugging mode. Application will stay in the foreground and lots of debugs messages start printing.
Print usage statement.
-f restorecond_file
Use alternative restorecond.conf file.
Turns on user mode. Runs restorecond in the user session and reads /etc/selinux/restorecond_user.conf. Uses dbus to make sure only one restorecond is running per user session.
Turns on verbose debugging. (Report missing files)


This man page and program was written by Dan Walsh <[email protected]>.


/etc/selinux/restorecond.conf /etc/selinux/restorecond_user.conf