rnews(8) sort batch files into spool


rnews [GLOBAL OPTIONS] [file|directory]


Leafnode is a USENET package intended for small sites, where there are few users and little disk space, but where a large number of groups is desired.

Rnews is the program that sorts files (possibly received with UUCP) into your newsspool. Rnews can currently take compressed (see below) and uncompressed ("rnews") news batches as well as news articles. Rnews will avoid copying the file around and is able to read from a stream. To achieve this, it may fork() twice and spawn an external decompressor.


Rnews expects the news batch either in a file, directory or on standard input. If provided with the name of a directory, it will open the directory and sort all files inside this directory into the news spool. Rnews will not recursively descend through directories.

Rnews sets its real and effective uid to "news" (or whatever else was configured).


Rnews recognizes cunbatch, gunbatch and zunbatch and will feed either through gzip -c -d.

Rnews recognizes bunbatch and will feed it through bzip2 -c -d.

These formats are not run-time configurable. To add/change this behaviour, it is necessary to modify rnews.c, recompile and reinstall.


For a description of the GLOBAL OPTIONS, see leafnode(8).
Sort this file into the newsspool. The file can also be a rnews batch, optionally compressed.
Sort the contents of all files in this directory into the newsspool.


Rnews leaks some bytes of memory (the command line arguments to the external compressor program.)


Written and Copyright 1999 by Cornelius Krasel <[email protected]>.

Written and Copyright 2002 by Ralf Wildenhues <[email protected]>.

Written and Copyright 2000 - 2005 by Matthias Andree <[email protected]>. Manpage updated in 2008 by Matthias Andree.