robot-playerjoy(1) console-based client for teleoperation


robot-playerjoy [options] <host:port> [<host:port>]


robot-playerjoy is a console-based client that provides planar, differential-drive teleoperation of position2d and position3d devices. In other words, robot-playerjoy allows you to manually drive your (physical or simulated) robot around. robot-playerjoy uses velocity control, and so will only work when the underlying driver supports velocity control (most drivers do).


verbose mode. Print the Player device state on stdout.
connect to position3d interface (instead of position).
continuously send commands.
don't send commands or enable motors (for debugging).
use keyboard control (instead of joystick device).
print out speeds on the console.
use UDP instead of TCP (deprecated, currently disabled).
-speed speed
maximum linear speed in meter per second (default: 0.5).
-turnspeed speed
maximum angular speed in degrees per second (default: 60).
-dev device
joystick device file the joystick is connected to (default: /dev/js0).


Player was written by Brian Gerkey <[email protected]> and contributors. This manual page was written by Daniel Hess for the Debian Project.