RpcWriter(3) write RPC requests to a server


#include <Dispatch/rpcwriter.h>


An RpcWriter (actually, an instance of a class derived from RpcWriter) writes RPC requests to a server. Derived classes should add member functions that send RPC requests corresponding to the RPC service's protocol.


RpcWriter(const char* path, boolean fatal, boolean binary)
RpcWriter(const char* host, int port, boolean fatal, boolean binary)
RpcWriter(int fd, boolean fatal, boolean binary)
RpcWriter(rpcstream* server)
Open a connection to an RPC service at its registered host name and port number, or give the host name and port number needed to open a connection to the RPC service, or give the number of an already open file descriptor, or give the address of an already open rpcstream (connection). Negotiate the I/O format (binary or formatted) if opening a connection. Terminate the program if errors should be fatal.