rpmdb2solv(1) convert the rpm database into a solv file


rpmdb2solv [OPTIONS] [REFFILE.solv]


The rpmdb2solv tool reads rpm's installed packages database and writes it in solv file format to standard output. You can make use of an old version of the database by specifying a REFFILE.solv file.


Write the generated solv to OUTFILE instead of standard output.


Print percentages as packages are being read in. The output format is like rpm's --percent option.


Use ROOTDIR as root directory.


Read pubkeys from the rpm database instead of installed packages. Note that many distributions stopped storing pubkeys in the database but use a directory like /var/lib/rpm/pubkeys instead.


Also scan the /usr/share/appdata for installed appdata files and create pseudo packages for each file.


Also read SUSE product files from directory PRODDIR. The standard directory is /etc/products.d.


Do not read any packages from the rpm database. This is useful together with -p to only convert SUSE products.


Autoexpand SUSE pattern and product provides into packages.


Michael Schroeder <[email protected]>