rt-dump-database(8) dump the Request Tracker database


rt-dump-database [ 0 ]


rt-dump-database is a tool that dumps part of the Request Tracker database into XML format, suitable for feeding into rt-setup-database.

When run without arguments, the database dump will only include 'local' configuration changes, ie. those done manually in the web interface.

When run with the argument '0', the dump will include all configuration metadata.

In most cases, instead of using this tool to migrate an RT database you should use the native database dump/load tools, and then if upgrading between versions, running the appropriate upgrade scripts via rt-setup-database. See NOTES.Debian for more information about upgrading RT in Debian.


This manual page was written for Debian GNU/Linux by Niko Tyni <[email protected]> and updated by Dominic Hargreaves <[email protected]>, since the original program does not have one.


The author of this manual page may well have misunderstood what 'local' configuration changes mean. Use the source, Luke.