rt-migrate-test(8) real-time task migration program


rt-migrate-test [-ceh] [-p prio] [-r time] [-s time] [-m time] [-l loops] [nr_tasks]


Test real-time multiprocessor scheduling of tasks to ensure the highest priority tasks are running on all available CPUs


This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes ('--').
In the summary of options, a value in brackets (), indicates a default value

-p, --prio=prio
base priority to start RT tasks with (2)
-r, --run-time=time
Run time (ms) to busy loop the threads (20)
-s, --sleep-time=time
Sleep time (ms) between intervals (100)
-m, --maxerr=time
Max allowed error (microsecs)
-l --loops=loops
Number of iterations to run (50)
Use equal prio for #CPU-1 tasks (requires > 2 CPUS)
-c, --check
Stop if lower prio task is quicker than higher (off)
-h, --help
Display usage
number of tasks to run (number of cpus + 1)


rt-migrate-test was written by Steven Rostedt <[email protected]>
This manual page was written by John Kacur <[email protected]>