rtdCubeDisplay(1) simple FITS cube display program


rtdCubeDisplay -f <filename> -c <cameraname> [-l] [-t msec] [-v]


rtdCubeDisplay displays FITS cube images for the real-time display. By specifying a FITS cube file (option -f) and a camera name (option -c) the images are extracted from the file and an image event is sent to the rtdServer. In order to display the image a rtd widget application e.g. 'rtd' must register to the same camera name as specified above. For the 'rtd' application this is done by setting the RTD_CAMERA environment.
-f <filename>
FITS cube images
-c <cameraname>
Camera name to identify real time source
Loop indefinetly
-t msec
Delay time between cube images (in msec) default 500 ms
Verbose mode