ruby-prof(1) A fast ruby profiler


ruby-prof [options] <script.rb> [ script-options ]


ruby-prof is a fast profiler for ruby. It can be used as a stand-alone program (that this man page documents) or as a ruby library. Simply run the ruby program you want to profile using ruby-prof : ruby-prof script.rb At the end of execution the time spent in each method is displayed.


-p, --printer=printer
Select a printer:
  flat - Prints a flat profile as text (default).
  graph - Prints a graph profile as text.
  graph_html - Prints a graph profile as html.
  call_tree - format for KCacheGrind
-m, --min_percent=min_percent
The minimum percent a method must take before being included in output reports. This option is not supported for call tree.
-f, --file=path
Output results to a file instead of standard out.
Select what ruby-prof should measure
  process - Use process time (default).
  wall - Use wall time.
  cpu - Use the CPU clock counter (only supported on Pentium and PowerPCs).
Replace $0 when loading the ruby source file.
-h, --help
Show help message.
-v, --version
Show version.


ruby-prof was written by Shugo Maeda <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Arnaud Cornet <[email protected]> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).