ruby-standalone(1) use (only) the Ruby interpreter from Debian


ruby-standalone [PROGRAM] [ARGS]


ruby-standlone allows one to use the Ruby interpreter provided by Debian (and thus get security support for stable releases), without having to also use Ruby libraries and applications from Debian.

When called with no arguments, ruby-standalone will spawn a new shell, where all of the standard Ruby programs (ruby, erb, gem, irb, rdoc, ri, testrb) will never use code from Debian-provided packages.

Otherwise, PROGRAM will be called with ARGS as arguments, in that same context.

Caveat: if PROGRAM is not installed as a Rubygem and is installed by a Debian package, the Debian package version will be used.


ruby-standalone makes it possible to:

  • install vagrant from the Debian repository and at the sime time develop a Ruby web application that needs gem versions different than the ones that were pulled in from the Debian repository when vagrant was installed.
  • install chef from the Debian repository on a node that will host an application that needs different gem versions than the ones chef needs.
  • on the same server, host redmine installed from the Debian repository and in-house Rails application that needs a different version of Rails than the one Debian provides.


Copyright © 2014, Antonio Terceiro <[email protected]>

ruby-standalone is licensed under the same terms as Ruby itself. See the file COPYING for details.