runghc(1) program to run Haskell programs without first having to compile them.


runghc [runghc|flags] [GHC|flags] module [program|flags]...


runghc is considered a non-interactive interpreter and part of The Glasgow Haskell Compiler. runghc is a compiler that automatically runs its results at the end.


the flags are:
it tells runghc which GHC to use to run the program. If it is not given then runghc will search for GHC in the directories in the system search path. runghc -f /path/to/ghc
runghc will try to work out where the boundaries between [runghc flags] and [GHC flags], and [GHC flags] and module are, but you can use a -- flag if it doesn't get it right. For example, runghc -- -fglasgow-exts Foo means runghc won't try to use glasgow-exts as the path to GHC, but instead will pass the flag to GHC.


runghc foo

runghc -f /path/to/ghc foo

runghc -- -fglasgow-exts Foo


Copyright 2002, The University Court of the University of Glasgow. All rights reserved.


This manual page was written by Efrain Valles Pulgar <[email protected]>. This is free documentation; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or later for copying conditions. There is NO WARRANTY.