sadt(1) simple DEP-8 test runner


sadt [options] [test-name...]


sadt is a simple implementation of DEP-8 (“automatic as-installed package testing”) test runner.

It is your responsibility to satisfy tests' dependencies. sadt won't attempt to install any missing packages. If a test's dependencies cannot be satisfied by packages that are currently installed, the test will be skipped.

sadt won't build the package even if a test declares the build-needed restriction. Instead, such a test will be skipped. However, you can build the package manually, and then tell sadt to assume that the package is already built using the -b/--built-source-tree.

sadt doesn't implement any virtualisation arrangements, therefore it skips tests that declare the breaks-testbed restriction.


-v, --verbose
Make the output more verbose.
-b, --built-source-tree
Assume that the source tree is already built. This is equivalent to --ignore-restriction=build-needed.
Don't skip tests that declare the restriction.
-h, --help
Show a help message and exit.


README.package-tests shipped by autopkgtest 2.7.2