saquery(8) query InfiniBand subnet administration attributes


saquery [-h] [-d] [-p] [-N] [--list | -D] [-S] [-I] [-L] [-l] [-G] [-O] [-U] [-c] [-s] [-g] [-m] [-x] [-C ca_name] [-P ca_port] [--smkey val] [-t(imeout) <msec>] [--src-to-dst <src:dst>] [--sgid-to-dgid <sgid-dgid>] [--node-name-map <node-name-map>] [<name> | <lid> | <guid>]


saquery issues the selected SA query. Node records are queried by default.


get PathRecord info
get NodeRecord info
--list | -D
get NodeDescriptions of CAs only
get ServiceRecord info
get InformInfoRecord (subscription) info
return the Lids of the name specified
return the unique Lid of the name specified
return the Guids of the name specified
return the name for the Lid specified
return the name for the Guid specified
get the SA's class port info
return the PortInfoRecords with isSM or isSMdisabled capability mask bit on
get multicast group info
get multicast member info. If a group is specified, limit the output to the group specified and print one line containing only the GUID and node description for each entry. Example: saquery -m 0xc000
get LinkRecord info
get a PathRecord for <src:dst> where src and dst are either node names or LIDs
get a PathRecord for sgid to dgid where both GIDs are in an IPv6 format acceptable to inet_pton(3).
-C <ca_name>
use the specified ca_name.
-P <ca_port>
use the specified ca_port.
--smkey <val>
use SM_Key value for the query. Will be used only with "trusted" queries. If non-numeric value (like 'x') is specified then saquery will prompt for a value.
-t, -timeout <msec>
Specify SA query response timeout in milliseconds. Default is 100 milliseconds. You may want to use this option if IB_TIMEOUT is indicated.
--node-name-map <node-name-map>
Specify a node name map. The node name map file maps GUIDs to more user friendly names. See ibnetdiscover(8) for node name map file format. Only used with the -O and -U options.
Supported query names (and aliases):

 ClassPortInfo (CPI)
 NodeRecord (NR)
 PortInfoRecord (PIR)
 SL2VLTableRecord (SL2VL) [[lid]/[in_port]/[out_port]]
 PKeyTableRecord (PKTR) [[lid]/[port]/[block]]
 VLArbitrationTableRecord (VLAR) [[lid]/[port]/[block]]
 InformInfoRecord (IIR)
 LinkRecord (LR) [[from_lid]/[from_port]] [[to_lid]/[to_port]]
 ServiceRecord (SR)
 PathRecord (PR)
 MCMemberRecord (MCMR)
 LFTRecord (LFTR) [[lid]/[block]]
 MFTRecord (MFTR) [[mlid]/[position]/[block]]
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Ira Weiny
<[email protected]>
Hal Rosenstock
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