sb_server(1) The primary server for SpamBayes.


Currently serves the web interface, and any configured POP3 and SMTP proxies.

The POP3 proxy works with, and adds a simple X-Spambayes-Classification header (ham/spam/unsure) to each incoming email. You point the proxy at your POP3 server, and configure your email client to collect mail from the proxy then filter on the added header. Usage: [options] [<server> [<server port>]]
<server> is the name of your real POP3 server <port> is the port number of your real POP3 server, which
defaults to 110.
: Displays this help message.
-d FILE : use the named DBM database file -p FILE : the the named Pickle database file -l port : proxy listens on this port number (default 110) -u port : User interface listens on this port number
(default 8880; Browse http://localhost:8880/)
: Launch a web browser showing the user interface.
-o section:option:value :
set [section, option] in the options database to value
All command line arguments and switches take their default values from the [pop3proxy] and [html_ui] sections of bayescustomize.ini.

For safety, and to help debugging, the whole POP3 conversation is written out to _pop3proxy.log for each run, if options["globals", "verbose"] is True.

To make rebuilding the database easier, uploaded messages are appended to _pop3proxyham.mbox and _pop3proxyspam.mbox.