SbMutex(3) A basic class for managing a mutex.


#include <Inventor/threads/SbMutex.h>

Public Member Functions

SbMutex (void)

~SbMutex ()

int lock (void)

SbBool tryLock (void)

int unlock (void)

Detailed Description

A basic class for managing a mutex.

This class provides a portable framework around the mutex interface of the underlying native thread-handling toolkit.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SbMutex::SbMutex (void) [inline]


SbMutex::~SbMutex () [inline]


Member Function Documentation

int SbMutex::lock (void) [inline]

This method locks the mutex. 0 is returned on success.

If the mutex was previously unlocked, the thread will lock the mutex and continue running. If the mutex was already locked when this call is made, the thread will be suspended until the other thread holding the mutex releases it.

This is a blocking operation.

SbBool SbMutex::tryLock (void) [inline]

This method tries to lock the mutex, and returns whether it was locked or not. This is a non-blocking operation.

int SbMutex::unlock (void) [inline]

This method unlocks the mutex.


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