sbuild-stats(1) display or alter database of package build times/space


sbuild-stats [-h|--help | -V|--version | -a PACKAGE TIME|--add PACKAGE TIME | [-d|--delete | --dump] PACKAGE1 [PACKAGE2 [PACKAGEn...]]] [-t|--time | -s|--space] --top]


This man page documents the packaged version of sbuild. This version is maintained by the buildd-tools project developers on Alioth (


sbuild-stats displays or alters data from a database of package build times or space, usually updated by sbuild. Note: sbuild-stats was previously known as avg-pkg-build-time and avg-pkg-build-space. When invoked with the old names, the database is defaulted to either the build-time or build-space database, as if the --time or --space options had been used, respectively.

If no option other than the database to use is given, sbuild-stats will display the entire contents of the database.

The database files are only used if they already exist. See README.Debian for more information.



-h, --help
Display this manual.
-V, --version
Print version information.
-a, --add PACKAGE TIME
Add an entry for a package. <time> is in the format HH:MM:SS, where hours and minutes are optional.
-d, --delete PACKAGE1 [PACKAGE2 [PACKAGEn...]]]
Remove the data for a package from the database.
--dump [PACKAGE1 [PACKAGE2 [PACKAGEn...]]]
Output the contents of the database in unprocessed form. If no packages are given, the entire database will be output.

Database selection

-t, --time
Display build-time database.
-s, --space
Display build-space database.


Sort the output by build time; longest build first.


The following environment variables are used by sbuild-stats:
The home directory of the user.


sbuild-stats reads the sbuild configuration files /etc/sbuild/sbuild.conf and ~/.sbuildrc (if it exists) to discover the location of the databases, which are usually located under /var/lib/sbuild.


To view the average build time for the koffice package:

% sbuild-stats --time koffice
koffice: 02:44:55 (1 entry, sigma 00:00:00)

To view the average build space for the koffice package:

% sbuild-stats --space koffice
koffice: 1597724k (1597724k latest)


Roman Hodek.
Roger Leigh.


Copyright © 2006-2008 Roger Leigh <[email protected]>.
Copyright © 1998 Roman Hodek <[email protected]>.