scim-config-agent(1) configuration manager for scim


scim-config-agent <option>...


The options are:

-g, --get key
Get the value of this key.
-s, --set key=value
Set the value of this key.
-d, --del key
Delete the key and its data from user config file.
-t, --type type
The key value type, valid types are: string, int, double, bool, string-list, int-list. The default type is string.
-c, --config name
Use specified Config module, use simple module by default. Use "global" instead of a real config module name, if you want to access the global configuration file. (Normally they are /etc/scim/global and ~/.scim/global).
Force the running scim to reload configuration.
--display display
The display which scim Panel is running on, it's only useful when --reload is used.
-h, --help
Show this help.