sctk(1) SCoring ToolKit


sctk [command [options]]

sctk help [command]


sctk is a frontend to the SCoring ToolKit (SCTK), a suite of tools to evaluate performance of speech analysis tools.


sctk help
Print a brief description of the available commands.

sctk help command
Print help for command, providing a brief description and a list of the command's options.

sctk command [options]
Executes command with the given options.


The sctk command is a front-end to the SCTK toolkit and has been developed for Debian. For more information, or to provide BUG reports, contact the maintainer of the Debian sctk package.

For more information related to the SCTK toolkit, please refer to

The SCTK commands are available in /usr/lib/sctk/bin/. If you prefer direct access to them, consider adding this directory to your PATH. Most of those commands requires the environment variable For direct access to most of the SCTK commands you will also need to set the SCTK environment variable to /usr/lib/sctk.